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As an Animator you will be responsible for leveraging your experience with character animation and rigging to spark life in our worlds. This role will be involved in all aspects of animation production and character set up from inception to delivery in engine.


This is a full-time, on-site position in the Nashville, Tennessee area working on a new PC/Console franchise. 

We understand that the lingering effects of the COVID-19 outbreak may delay the ability to relocate for some candidates. The safety of our employees and their families come first. We continue to monitor the situation, the expectation is that you will come and work with us in our new and spacious studio in the Nashville area.


  • Create gameplay animations that fit the theme and feel of a given project

  • Import, implement and/or develop animation assets in Unreal Engine 5

  • Iterate based on project needs, feedback, and the established project quality standards

  • Create and maintain rigs and skinning for in-game content

  • Heavy collaboration across other disciplines within the studio



  • Demonstrable understanding of the principles of animation

  • Comprehensive experience with rigging characters

  • Experience creating 3D animations in Maya

  • Experience editing and animating on top of motion capture data

  • Understanding of human and creature anatomy

  • Industry experience as an animator for game production

  • Experience working with Unreal Engine

  • A portfolio that includes work showing:

    • Solid grasp of animation principals

    • Competency with rigging



  • High degree of self-motivation and initiative

  • Strong organizational and communication skills

  • Scripting experience

  • Experience working with runtime IK systems, partial body, and/or additive animation a plus

  • Experience with outsourcing asset production support

  • AAA game development experience shipping at least 1 title



  • Small independent studio that is self-funded (no VCs, outside investors, or publishers) 

  • Aggressive Profit Sharing program

  • Highly collaborative and creative work environment

  • Emphasis on work-life balance with 35 hour work weeks and an anti-crunch culture

  • Flexible workdays with Core Hours from 10am-3pm

  • Health, Dental, and Vision insurance available

  • High quality of life in Nashville, TN and living in Franklin, TN

  • The Nashville area is a growing economic location

  • Excellent public school system



  • Email:

  • Include:

    • "Application: Animator" in the subject line

    • Cover letter

    • Resume

    • Link to portfolio

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