Job Description


Traega Entertainment is looking for an experienced character rigger to bridge the gap between the creative and technical character creation process for new and exciting IPs. As a Character Rigger, your passion for developing creative and functional character rigs is vital to our teams to bring our unique character and vehicle designs to life.

This is a full-time position in the Nashville, Tennessee area working on a new PC/Console franchise. 

We understand that the lingering effects of the COVID-19 outbreak may delay the ability to relocate for some candidates. The safety of our employees and their families come first, and we although we continue to monitor the situation, the expectation is that you will come and work with us in our new and spacious studio in the Nashville area.


  • Create and maintain rigs and skinning for real-time game characters, vehicles and props while maintaining a high degree of visual and deformation fidelity

  • Maintain character hierarchical standards and protocols

  • Troubleshoot technical issues related to rigs and simulations

  • Marshal rigs and animations from Maya to functional gameplay in engine (UE4)

  • Collaborate with Art and Engineering to drive research, workflows, and technologies for improved character set-up processes and pipelines



  • Fluent in Maya or other related software packages with experience developing character rigs

  • Experience with UE4 animation systems

  • Extensive experience with various rig setups, including bipedal, quadruped, and complex robotic / mechanical characters

  • Strong understanding of anatomy, kinematics and deformation

  • Advanced knowledge of FK/IK systems other methods of driving a hierarchy of bones

  • Ability to translate creative ambition and feature requests into the technical tasks required to realize them



  • Experience with cloth and rigid/soft body physics setup for characters

  • Scripting experience such as Python or other relevant languages for developing or implementing rigging/skinning tools

  • Experience researching, piloting and rolling out new techniques

  • Passion to learn and teach new methods and techniques

  • Animation experience




How to Apply

  • Email:

  • Include:

    • "Application: Character Rigger" in the subject line

    • Resume

    • Portfolio/relevant work examples