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senior UE4 Programmer

Job Description


Traega Entertainment is looking for a seasoned Programmer to act as a team Unreal Engine 4 expert.


This is a full-time position in the Nashville, Tennessee area on a new PC franchise.



  • Design and develop high-quality code, including gameplay, UI, pipeline, tools, AI

  • Mentor other programmers in the techniques and strategies of working with Unreal

  • Follow adopted design/development methodologies, patterns and toolsets, particularly unit testing

  • Pay attention to usability, maintainability and, where appropriate, performance of code

  • Participate in the design process, gathering requirements with other engineers and designers

  • Active team player contributing to team success

  • Iterate solutions based on broad feedback

  • Effective communication and teamwork (treat others how you would expect to be treated)

  • Be self-directed, self-critical and prioritize your own work


  • At least one shipped, commercial Unreal 4 title as a senior contributor

  • C++ expertise, including standards up to C++17, on Windows using Visual Studio

  • Ability to create Blueprint baselines and instruct non-programmers in their use

  • Extensive knowledge of STL, boost and similar libraries

  • Know at least one unit test and mocking framework preferably for C++

  • Good linear algebra is essential

  • Good analysis and problem-solving

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, or similar is preferred



  • Scripting languages like Javascript, powershell

  • Docker, continuous integration, Steamworks

  • Networking, server-side programming or web technologies

  • Prior work on a voxel based engine

  • Have worked in an Agile environment

  • You are a game expert either from industry experience or playing games yourself




How to Apply

  • Email: jobs@traega.com

  • Include:

    • "Application: Senior Programmer" in the subject line

    • Resume

    • List of software or titles explaining which pieces you created on each