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As Technical Sound Designer at Traega Entertainment you will lead the integration of music, sound design, dialogue, and audio behaviors while also working with cross-functional teams to ensure a cohesive experience for our new PC title. You are a champion for the audio experience in gaming; A vocal leader, quick learner, team player, and problem solver, you can handle the technical challenges that arise in game development. You are passionate about game audio as it is integral to the experience. You have the skills to turn game audio ambitions into realities.


This is a full-time position in the Nashville, Tennessee area working on a new PC franchise.



  • Contribute, define, maintain, and improve the audio pipeline for current and future projects

  • Integration of music, dialog, sound effects, and sound design

  • Originate and implement all aspects of game audio from concept to optimization

  • Documenting audio systems and educate content creators in audio best practices

  • Conduct field and studio recordings; produce, edit, mix, and integrate sound effects

  • Asset and task management using source control and technical documentation

  • Communicate effectively with engineers the needs of the audio engine and feature requests

  • Continual iteration of game audio quality informed by frequent playing of the game

  • Troubleshooting audio issues, optimizing to meet memory budget, and performance requirements



  • 5+ years of sound design experience on shipped game titles

  • Expertise of sound design process for games

  • Experience optimizing assets to system limitations

  • Understanding of native UE4 audio tools and/or middleware systems (such as Wwise, FMOD) for implementation

  • Comfortable working with cross-functional teams

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills

  • PC C++ / audio programming experience a plus

  • A desire to prove that audio makes a good game great




How to Apply

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    • "Application: Technical Sound Designer" in the subject line

    • Resume

    • Cover Letter


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