World Builder

Job Description


Traega Entertainment is looking for an experienced world builder to craft visually and experientially compelling gameplay environments. As a World Builder, your sensibilities around composition, visual communication, story telling, and player experiences will have you composing uniquely crafted worlds for players to live out their fantasies within. 


The World Builder position, while living in-between the tech, design and art disciplines, reports directly to the Art Department and is ultimately responsible for delivering beautiful worlds through their capabilities as an artist.


This is a full-time position in the Nashville, Tennessee area working on a new PC/Console franchise. 

We understand that the lingering effects of the COVID-19 outbreak may delay the ability to relocate for some candidates. The safety of our employees and their families come first, and although we continue to monitor the situation, the expectation is that you will come and work with us in our new and spacious studio in the Nashville area.


  • Sculpt, paint, and populate terrain content for open world game levels with Unreal Engine 5 to create visually stunning, dynamic, and technically efficient environments

  • Use analytical thinking, defined art packages, and lighting techniques to set dress large world spaces conveying depth and storytelling beyond the immediate needs of game design

  • Utilize 2D and 3D art skills in the production of world spaces, including the construction of high-level compositions and proxy models from which final art assets will be created

  • Prototype rough level layouts rapidly and efficiently with low-fidelity content to achieve primary gameplay feature requirements

  • Actively collaborate with the design team, while advocating for art team requirements, to influence level design iteration through appropriate feedback loops from inception to completion in-order to deliver performant and cohesive world spaces

  • Establish and maintain level creation production requirements, cross team dependencies, and performance optimization budgets that support narrative and gameplay goals at a project level


  • Demonstrates understanding of environment art asset requirements, fundamental level design philosophies, and visual scene compositions

  • Expert knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 level architecture and terrain/foliage related systems

  • Extensive understanding of AAA game development processes and pipelines

  • Has excellent interpersonal and communication skills to facilitate cross-discipline collaboration

  • Strong time management and long-term planning skills

  • At least 3 years game development experience or a shipped title demonstrating capabilities related to the position

  • Portfolio demonstrating game terrains, general world building, and lighting skills



  • Expertise in the creation or deconstruction of concept art, reference imagery, and style guides into efficient asset lists defining biomes and landscape content alongside Art and Creative Directors

  • Experience with non-traditional world construction methodologies such as Voxel and procedural technologies

  • Experience crafting sandbox and opened world environments

  • Experience working with SpeedTree, or similar packages, to create a variety of organic assets

  • Advanced level modelling and texturing experience in various 2D and 3D software packages

  • Experience with modular asset and level construction for reusable consumption to facilitate world building

  • Capabilities to sketch, model, and concept ideas for 3D environments

  • Multiple titles shipped using Unreal Engine




How to Apply

  • Email:

  • Include:

    • "Application: World Builder" in the subject line

    • Cover letter

    • Resume

    • Link to portfolio